Have you ever thought about what your values are? One of my coaching heroes, Frederic Hudson studied the biographies of several hundred successful people over a twenty-year period, searching for the things in life that gave them meaning, and guided them toward realizing their own greatness.


They found that those people who described themselves as successful measured their lives with one or more of the six basic core values, often in combination. They are:

  1. Personal Power – Self-esteem, confidence, identity
  2. Achievement – Proving yourself, reaching goals, being purposeful
  3. Intimacy – Sharing yourself, caring, making relationships work
  4. Play and creativity – Expressing yourself, being imaginative, re-creative
  5. Searching for meaning – Finding wholeness, peace, inner wisdom
  6. Contribution – Giving yourself, improving, helping, reforming, social and environmental caring


Checking in with your values from time to time can help you understand what is most important to you in life and therefore in your business too. We all go through transitions in life, and the choice of values we make at this time generates immense energy and sense of purpose, preparing us to evolve and move on successfully to the creation of new visions and plans.


If we keep evaluating our priorities, we can be sure that at any time in our lives we are marching to our own drumbeats, empowered by the values we honor at any given time. Not only is this extremely valuable for us as individuals, but it is a vital part of the business planning process.


Keep asking yourself:


What is my sense of purpose? How will I measure my success? How much is enough? What is my legacy? How am I creative? What learning would deepen my creativity? What do I feel called to do with my life? What contribution do I want to make?


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