Business Mentoring

"Mentoringis a term that is used a lot in the business world.

But what does it really mean and what value does it have for business owners?

Like coaching, mentoring is being able to share your day-to-day experience of running a business with someone who has trodden the same path you. Mentors are sometimes described as a ‘critical friend’, someone who wants to see you succeed but is not afraid to challenge your assumptions about yourself and your business. They are your best advocates and biggest fans.

Mentoring and coaching go hand in hand but where coaching is more goal-oriented and time specific, mentoring offers ongoing support in helping you run your business.

I like to think of mentoring as regular business MOTs or tune-ups. They provide a dedicated time and space to think about your business, what is working and not working, what to prioritise and what to let go. Mentoring is a way of staying on track when you feel confused about what direction to take your business in.

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