Case history 1 – "Emma"


Emma is a restaurant owner who has been in business for ten years. In this time she has created a fantastic brand for her business but she is not making as much money as she feels she should be for the amount of time she has been in business and considering the popularity of the restaurant.

Although she loves what she does, she works extremely long hours and does not get enough time to spend with her family who are still quite young. By her own admission, she is not as organized as she would like to be.

After some discussion it became clear that Emma was feeling exhausted with her business and was ready to sell up and move on. She loved the creative stuff, but did not have as much of a handle on the figures as she would like, so she did not feel very in control of that side of things.

Setting goals and identifying priorities

First of all, we spent some time looking at what was really important to Emma. She still felt passionate about her business but she just wanted to be able to step back for a while and take a much-needed holiday with her family; something she had not managed to do in a long time. She said that in fact what she really wanted was to run the business part-time so she could be available to pick her children up from school a few times a week, so we built that in to her goals.

Once we had worked out that Emma needed a break and needed a new business model, we were able to put a plan together with goals and timeframes. We looked at every single element of the business and how it could be more efficient, the staffing structure, pricing and overheads; we looked at how Emma could do more targeted marketing, and therefore increase her footfall. I also helped Emma put simple cash flow spreadsheets together, and gave her a checklist of small weekly tasks to help her feel more in charge of the finances.

Identified goals realised

Over the coming months, the profits began to increase and Emma was able to take on a part-time assistant so she could reduce her working hours. As she was able to take a step back from the business, she found a renewed enthusiasm for it, and at our last session, she was brimming with creative ideas. As she felt more confident with the finances, she was able to underpin her creative plans with good sound business planning.

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Case History 2 - "Sam"

Sam is a speech therapist in private practice. As well as seeing clients he also does some teaching work with trainee therapists. Sam originally came to see me because he was unsure what direction he would like his work to take. He was overflowing with ideas and was not sure which ones he should devote time to.

We started off by working on Sam’s big vision, what was really important to him, in life and what he wanted his legacy to be from his work as a speech therapist. We also looked at his values as a professional.

Developing different elements of the business

Sam was clear that he was happy doing his practice three days a week, but that he wanted to use his free time the rest of the week to write a book about his approach to speech therapy and emotional health in children, and creating an app for parents and children. He also wanted to become a special advisor to the Department of Education, and other organisations. 

Once Sam was clear about what he wanted to do, we were able to work on how he was going to get there, step by step. Coaching is all about the future; once you have a clear idea about what your vision is for the future, even if this takes some time (which it often does!), it is easier to work out how you are going to get there.  

Significant changes bringing specific rewards

The shift happened when Sam really figured out what he wanted to do and where he wanted to get to. He was then able to focus on that, and stop wasting his time and energy pursuing other projects that were not going to get him to his end goals. It took us several sessions to get to that stage, so the work is ongoing, but he now has clarity and purpose and knows how to spend his time each day. This has resulted in his practice becoming busier and referrals from other professionals of some really interesting cases that he is writing up for his book. He is slowly but steadily becoming the expert he wants to be and therefore achieving his goal.


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